Dewalt recently announced a new cordless electrical cable stapler, model DCN701, which they say is 2X as fast as manual hammer stapling (using a DCB203 2.0Ah battery stapling 12-2 Romex in 2×4 wood).

The new Dewalt cordless cable stapler is designed for fastening NM-B (Romex) type wires and cables, and can also be used for low voltage applications. There’s a proprietary guide that helps users drive staples safely and accurately over cables. Translation: there’s a staple guide that helps prevent users from stapling through cables.

It is compact, weighs 4.7 lbs without battery, and features a center-mounted LED light for eliminating shadows or working in low-lit areas. The belt clip can be positioned on either left or right sides.

Dewalt says that their new Electrician’s Stapler can replace manual cable fastening methods, and its compact size allows for use in tight spaces and even overhead.

They provided me with this chart that shows the stapler’s compatibility. The new special 1″ insulated staples, model number DRS1800, are UL-listed and can be used with single and even double-stacked cables ranging from 14-2 to 10-3 (single stack only for this size). It can also be used for CAT5, coax, and other low voltage cables.

Price: $199 for the bare tool (DCN701B), $249 for the kit (DCN701D1)

The kit includes a 2.0Ah battery pack and charger.

As of the time of this posting, pricing on the staples is said to be $8 for a 540-count box.

ETA: Early 2019

The new Dewalt DCN701 Electrician’s stapler is said to be made in the USA with global materials.

First Thoughts

Not knowing much about cable stapling options, but having witnessed a couple of wiring jobs, this looks like a convenient new tool to add to an electrician’s tool kit.

It seems great that there’s a single 1″ fastener size that can work with a range of Romex wire and even low voltage cables.

But that new special staple gives me something else to think about. At the moment, Dewalt is still finalizing retail partnerships, but I’m told that the new staples will be widely available at independent distributors and other retailers. My concern is this – what happens if you need a new box of staples ASAP, and your local supplier doesn’t carry the staples?

From the response I received from Dewalt, it seems that they’re all but promising me that an electrician can find more staples quickly and easily. Their assurance, and the fact that there’s a one-size-fits-all staple, has me cautious, but pretty much convinced.

Of course, the staples will likely be widely available online. But being a proprietary form factor, I’m thinking of scenarios where an electrician might leave their last box of staples at a job, in the wrong tool bag or van, or if they simply miscalculate how many they might need for a job and need a fast resupply.

Here’s what those Dewalt DRS1800 staples look like. It seems to me that the stapler has one power level, and the plastic cable shield prevents over-pressure situation that could restrict, crush, or damage, non-metallic cabling.